This may or may not be a The Wanted appreciation / edits blog. my heart goes boom boom boom boom boom for jiva

"We've got so much to prove still, it's The Wanted, so much to prove!" -Nathan Sykes

things that make me poop

23/02/14: Tom saw my edit
25/02/14: Nathan retweeted me + 03/04/14: favorited my edit
20/03/14: Siva posted my edit on instagram
20/06/14: Max used my edit + Tom & Jay saw

I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to!!

+Zhen; this is my heartbreak story




FOLLOW RAWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*coughs nervously*

*kills self*


They all look super fine. Why aren’t there any hq pics?? This is not acceptable :((((((. A vine? Show me please *eyes emoji*

ughhh i don’t even know!! there are so many pretty pics but they’re ‘unreleased’ :’(
but i found two now!! (much hd too)

So much hq


hey look an unwatermarked picture !!!!!!!!

[buys 10000000x]

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights (10/21/13)