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This may or may not be a The Wanted appreciation / edits blog. my heart goes boom boom boom boom boom for jiva

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23/02/14: Tom saw my edit
25/02/14: Nathan retweeted me + 03/04/14: favorited my edit
20/03/14: Siva posted my edit on instagram
20/06/14: Max used my edit + Tom & Jay saw

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Opinions can come off very poor when hidden with the anon tag. I don’t think u put any of the boys beneath one another! I’m excited for all of the boys’ projects, but I hope they’ll be together someday as a family again.

Thank you so much! <3


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Anonymous said on the radio:
You keep singling out Nathan fans, seems a little unfair. Sure there is more of them so they might be louder. But I have seen Siva fans say they don't want The Wanted back as Siva was under appreciated in the band and at least solo he can shine. I am a Max girl at heart and I see other Max girls not want the band back and are only focused on Max and his acting career and couldn't care less about the others.

wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww ok first, why are you putting Nathan fans in the same jar, me in the Siva fans jar, and you representing the Max jar?? i never ”’singled out”’ for ‘unfair reasons’ … idk what reasons you’re even thinking about??? if you’d clarify then i’d give you a clearer answer. and dude, please look at my url… itsTHEWANTED hell yea THE WANTED even though they flopped, as a ””’Siva fan”” i would never say i wouldn’t want tw back + if other ””’Siva fans”’ wouldn’t want tw back, fine with them! i understand their reasons n even if Siva didn’t feel like he had a better place in tw he still came at fusion. tbh i’ve seen more ””Nathan fans”” not wanting tw back than other ppl but eh what can i say? i’m gonna be honest and i like Nathan fans just like the others out there but some of them really get on my nerves, and good for Max on his acting, i am excited for him on glee like Nathan’s album and the rest of the boys so basically, i don’t know why you came to my askbox saying this???

Siva Kaneswaran for ANOKHI Magazine


@WhereIsJayTW: #WhereIsJay #Outtakes #BonusPic2 #HeDidAllTheRowing #AtLeastWeDidNotTipOver #FiguredYAllWouldLikeHisArmsInThisPic