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Apr 2014


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"Hi we are One Direction and it’s Wanted Wednesday."

"Yeah!" [x]

I forget at times that my concert countdown is at 0 and I cry a little looking at it…



Name 2 things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash =) #teamselfesteem

thank you lovely and you are beautiful :) xx

I like uhh my ability to …? and being nice to people? 


The Wanted → Walks Like Rihanna

The Wanted - final bow in Montreal (Word of Mouth tour) 

Montreal - April 15 2014 

I was lucky enough to have seen them live and this part is where I realized that it was actually over, but this is not the end, remember? Seeing Max like that broke my heart and Tom was also close to crying. This is maybe the only video that I will upload because the others mean a lot to my heart and I am not ready to share them… but replaying this video, there are a lot of things you can remark, and I will let you search for them. :)

All the rights go to The Wanted (thewantedmusic on youtube) and thank you for letting me live my dream.