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"We've got so much to prove still, it's The Wanted, so much to prove! -Nathan Sykes

things that make me poop

23/02/14: Tom saw my edit
25/02/14: Nathan retweeted me + 03/04/14: favorited my edit
20/03/14: Siva posted my edit on instagram
20/06/14: Max used my edit + Tom & Jay saw

I'm here for youuuuuuuu if you need someone to talk to!! x

+Zhen; cause you're the best mistake i've ever made.


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Jay does the infinity sign for me! (x)

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The Wanted - Glad You Came

Let’s get it Vevo Certified by Fusion Fest!

Anonymous said on the radio:
what is your Ariana grande blog?

mine is grandeslatte, but i’m also part of arigrande-edits and ariana-news!!! :) xx

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Title: accent challenge!
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Accent Challenge; tagged itsclemmings aka beautiful Tessa!


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@scooterbraun: The face @therealmaxgeorge makes when he is unsure if he should shave his head again :)