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"We've got so much to prove still, it's The Wanted, so much to prove!" -Nathan Sykes

things that make me poop

23/02/14: Tom saw my edit
25/02/14: Nathan retweeted me + 03/04/14: favorited my edit
20/03/14: Siva posted my edit on instagram
20/06/14: Max used my edit + Tom & Jay saw

I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to!!

+Zhen; you can suck my vegetarian tofu balls.

—Jay McGuiness

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lilnathsnicely replied to your post:;.; please stop reblogging the Nathan ice bucket…

… Why?

cause it’s a repost… and i made that gifset too :(

;.; please stop reblogging the Nathan ice bucket challenge repost


@WhereIsJayTW: #WhereIsJay #ScienceMuseumWeek #HeOpenedHisMouthOnThisThingLotsOfKidsPlayWith #IGagged #KidAfterHimDidItToo

birdspotting: “Con… #FUSION 🍻”


steph is bae


The Wanted perform at Fusion Festival, Birmingham (AUGUST 31ST 2014)

Anonymous said on the radio:
did siva srs change his name back to @sivathewanted??

honestly i think that my app was fucking up, but he probably did for a moment because the person who has @sivathewanted right now is different than the first time i checked but he’s back to @sivakaneswaran haha x

Favorite People →  Tom Parker.
“There’s no one like you, be proud of who you are” - Tom Parker.

Anonymous said on the radio:
ohmAGAWSH ZHEN IT WOULD MEAN THE woRLD TO ME IF u would follow me!!!!!!!!!1111111 ya hi its sharpie

OMGGGGGG IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD 2 ME 2!!!!! !!! !! i’m kinda stuck here with 6 followers so yea ily sharpie